Friday, February 6, 2015

THEY REPLACED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 1st
Izzy was sleeping.

Meanwhile Lexi and Tori were gathering all the electronics so Izzy wouldn't see Grace.
Lexi: Oh no we forgot a laptop!

 The laptop was in Izzy's room!

 *YAWN* Let's see my new items from AG.
Who is Grace?
Where am I?

 Tori: I think we found the laptop.
Mckenna: C'mon Izzy I didn't get mad at Lexi.
 I guess I did get mad at you but Lanie helped me get over it. Maybe we should video chat with her.
 Look Izzy, You shouldn't be mad with her if anything be mad with AG. I mean it's not her fault AG you got retired. Plus this is her year to shine, you already had your year.
I guess I shouldn't be mad. But I really hope Diamond doesn't buy her.


  1. Awe, poor, Izzy! Do you think you'll be getting Grace?

  2. You'll have to wait until I get my mystery doll.