Friday, February 6, 2015

The Hidden Princess pt. 5

Daisy: I-i-i'm a-adopted?
Rose: Yes. I didn't say before, but after you didn't want to leave home when the palace was broken into, I knew you should know the truth. When you were just a newborn I broke into the palace you and your family lived in. Everyone escaped except for you.
Your mother and Lily lived as servants together, until now when I made Lily serve you. I took you in as my own.

*Daisy goes home and tells Lily*

Lily: I'm so glad were sisters.
Daisy: I just wish we knew where our mom was.
Lily: Wait a minute, it's Rachel.
Daisy: HUH?
Lily: Rachel's been with me my whole life and she's old enough to be my mom, so maybe it's her.
Daisy: Let's go find her.

 Lily: Madame Ruby!
Daisy: Have you seen Rachel?
Ruby: She's my servant, the only one now that Amy left.
*Lily tells the whole story*
Ruby: I'll take you to her
 Daisy and Lily: Mom!
*3 years later*
Lily: After we found mom the police came and arrested Rose, so we got our castle back. Now we all live as a happy family.

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