Meet the Girls

Full name: Jessica Aubrey Brooks
She goes by: Aubrey
Age: 12
Birthday: 2-04
Type of doll: MYAG # 23
BFF: Kenna
Hobbies: Gymnastics, giving advice, and crafting
Favorite color: Purple
Pet(s): Coconut

Full name: Mckenna Chloe Brooks
She goes by: Kenna
Age: 12
Birthday: 7-29
Type of doll: GOTY 2012
BFF: Aubrey
Hobby: Gymnastics
Favorite color: Teal
Pet(s): Cooper and Polka Dot

Full name: Julianna Marie Albright
She goes by: Julie
Age: 11
Birthday: 5-22
Type of doll: 1974 HC
BFF: Ivy
Hobbies: Basketball and Learning about the 70's
Favorite color: Red
Pet(s): Nutmeg

Full name: Alexis Saige Copeland
She goes by: Lexi
Age: 11
Type of doll: GOTY 2013 
BFF: Izzy
Hobbies: Painting and Horseback riding
Favorite color: Dark Blue
Pet(s): Sam and Lacey

Full name: Isabelle Michelle Palmer
She goes by: Izzy
Age: 10
Birthday: 4-19
Type of doll: GOTY 2014
BFF: Lexi
Hobbies: Dance and Sewing
Favorite color: Light Pink
Pet(s): Tutu and Gracie

Full name: Ivy Leah Ling
She goes by: Ivy
Age: 12
Birthday: 2-28
Type of doll: 1974 HC BFF
BFF: Julie
Hobbies: Gymnastics and Dolls
Favorite color: Light Purple
Pet(s): Sugar

Full name: Victoria Jane Copeland
She goes by: Tori
Age: 13
Birthday: 9-27
Type of doll: MYAG #55
BFF: Amber
Hobbies: Singing, Skateboarding, and Being Motherly
Favorite color: Green
Pet(s): Skye

Full name: Amber Piper-Jade Thomas
She goes by: Amber or AJ
Age: 13
Birthday: 1-05
Type of doll: MYAG #61
BFF: Tori
Hobbies: Baking and Traveling
Favorite color: Light Blue and Light Pink
Pet(s): Rosie

Full name: Abigail Olivia-Grace Matthews
She goes by: Abi
Age: 13
Birthday: 3-22
Type of doll: GOTY 2015
BFF: Dani
Hobbies: Acting and Writing
Favorite color: Gold

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