Friday, February 6, 2015

Lexi's Picture Review GOTY 2015 Grace

She's pretty . I might get her.

Adorable. Although I won't wear an apron unless I’m cooking
I'll probably get these. They look like Kanani's PJs but I don't have those so yeah.

Even though it's a sweater with shorts I'll probably get this
Hi who is that behind the cotton candy costume?

I love the color, so I might get this

These are nice but I think I can make what I like in this
OHH I so want tiny cooking supplies

This does come with 60 acessories but $500 is still too much
Awww She's SO cute

If this came with more food it would be worth it
There are TONS of knock off versions of this

I think I would get the Campus Snack Cart and make a bunch of pastries

They look a little too much like Isabelle's

I love dual purpose things

I love the heart shaped pizza

Sock with Sandals? At least there not patterned.
Cute but you can only use this like one day a year

Cute for dolls with disabilities
Why did they put this in an envelope? Are they too cheap to put things in a box now?

Oh the Sweetheart Pjs needed a revamp. Let's add a little sleeve. Oh lets bleach the shorts.

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