Friday, August 22, 2014

Ask Julie

So, I was wanting to start advice column in the American Girl Dolls newspaper called Ask Julie.
Comment your Questions below. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aubrey's Fashion Advice You

Today I will be giving you tips from InnerstarU.

Style Starters
Try these tips to inspire some new ideas:
. Make patterns pop. Look for a plaid purse or polka-dotted leggings. Be brave and have fun by mixing and matching!
. Get creative with layers. Wear a skirt over jeans or a tank top over a shirt with longer sleeves.
. Do you want to save the earth? Protect animals? Choose a shirt that'll help you spread the word.
. Wear your favorite color from head to toe.

. Dress up a sporty look with sparkly jewelry or a pink headband.

Mix and Match
How many combinations can you create from the clothes in your closet? Pair a tank top with jeans and a cardigan. Now try the cardigan over a dress. Put a T-shirt over a short skirt, and then add a pair of leggings for extra pop. Mix colors that you might not have thought would go together, too. Ask a friend or sibling to snap photos of you in the outfits you like. That way you'll remember them and can wear them again

Quick Change
Love that tank top, but the weather is too cold to go without sleeves? Try these seasonal solutions to enjoy pieces you love all year long.
. Wear a colorful tank top over a long-sleeved shirt or under a cardigan sweater.
. Wear a mini skirt over a pair of leggings.
. Layer a short-sleeved tee over a long-sleeved tee.
. Wear your favorite sundress with leggings or jeans, and top it off with a long-sleeved T-shirt or cardigan sweater.

What to Wear?
A key part of having style is knowing what to wear--and when. Let's say your friend Bailey calls and invites you and five other friends over to watch movies and play games. You wear...

a. a satin skirt with red flats and your gold locket.
b. jeans and sparkly T-shirt cinched with a funky pink belt.
c. sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

If you chose a, you love to shine in fancy fashions. You might have to sit out on some of the fun and games, though, or risk ruining your outfit.

If you chose b, you're smart about knowing what to wear and when. Just be sure that when you can wear dressy clothes, you do. Otherwise, you might find you've outgrown them before you've ever worn them!

If you chose c, you're all about being comfortable. Make sure that you've got at least one dressy outfit hanging in your closet for those occasions when you'll need it, though.

Underwear may not seem important to your style--after all, no one can see it, right? But underwear does play an important role, and the wrong choice can make your fashionable look fall flat. Follow these tips:
. Wear a camisole under a shirt or sweater that might be sheer, or see-through.
. Wear a skin-colored bra under white blouses and T-shirts.
. If your bra straps peek out from the neckline of your shirt, try layering a tank top or camisole over your bra.
. Save patterned undies for jeans and dark pants so that prints don't show through.
. If your skirt is sheer, a slip will keep you covered.

Pairing Patterns
Want to mix and match the patterns and prints that you love most? Try these tips:
. Pair a large, bold pattern or print with a smaller, softer one.
. Pair a couple of patterns or prints with one solid piece of clothing, such as a plain white T-shirt or a black skirt.
. Experiment with patterns and prints that are the same color or in the same color family, such as blues and purples.

Try New Tints
Just because you don't like how you look in navy blue doesn't mean that blue isn't a good color on you. Try turquoise, aqua, cornflower blue, or sky blue. When trying new colors, follow these tips:
. Try on colors in a room with good lighting to see the true hue.
. Try one color at a time with a solid, neutral-colored pair of pants (such as black or tan) to get a feel for the shade.
. Try on colors you don't normally wear, and ask your mom or a friend for her opinion on which ones look best on you.
. Try on clothing in a color that matches your eyes. Chances are, it'll be a flattering color for you.

Jewelry is like the icing on a birthday cake--the sweet details that make a look extra special, complete, and personalized. Try some of these clever jewelry combinations:
. Put an over-sized ring on a chain to create a new pendant.
. Wear a collection of bracelets in different colors and styles on one arm.
. Combine a necklace with another one--or even two or three.
. Wear a stretchy beaded necklace as a bracelet by doubling it up and slipping it onto your wrist.

Belts can be practical--after all, they hold your pants in place! But belts can be purely for fun, too. Try these ideas:
. Add a belt to a tank dress or T-shirt dress.
. Wrap a belt around a cardigan or oversized sweater.
. Make your old coat look new by adding a belt.
. Cinch a belt around the waist of a long T-shirt.
. If you have two skinny belts, try wearing both at once.

Easy Upgrade
Want to dress up your casual clothes so that you can wear them to a party or a nice restaurant? Try these ideas:
. jewelry--a dash of sparkle around your finger, wrist, or neck.
. a fancy tank top under a cardigan or with your jeans.
. shoes with a heel. They give your whole outfit a boost.
. a pretty hair ribbon or sparkly headband.

Dressing Down
Would you like to dress down your fancier clothes so that you can wear them more often--not just for special occasions? Try these quick switches:
. a jean jacket over a skirt or dress.
. leggings or jeans under your dress.
. a comfy pair of flats or flip-flops.
. a plain T-shirt under your sparkly cardigan sweater.

Girl Style
Here's what girls have to say about finding styles that match your mood, interests, and attitude:
.  "The best way to find your own style is to try on a bunch of different outfits. If you try on any that make you want to jump and sing, buy them!"
.  "Try on hand-me-downs from friends and family. Each person will have a different style."
.  "Look for clothes that fit your personality. After a while you'll see a piece of clothing and be able to say, 'Wow, that is so me.'"
.  "Put on something you wouldn't normally wear and see how you like it."
.  "Don't feel like you have to copy your friends. Set your own style, and maybe they'll copy YOU."

Those were all tips from inner star u

Monday, August 4, 2014

How to make fishtail braids

Start by dividing the hair 
 Take a tiny section of one side and put it on the other side

 take another section of hair from the other side and put that on the first side
 tie off, and your done!

Aubrey's Fashion Advice + Asian Beauty : a Photoshoot

OK, to make up for the lack of posting there will be a craft later today. On with AFA!!

 Aubrey can you help me?
Sure, take that hat off.
 Replace those shorts with gray leggings.
 And put on some ballet flats.

Asian Beauty

Friday, August 1, 2014


Sorry I haven't posted Pt 4 yet. I lost the Script. 1089 page-views. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR PAGE-VIEWS AND NICE COMMENTS!!!!!!!! 

  Oh, and I made this stop-motion. It's my first one ever.