Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lanie's photoshoot

Ok so this is what I look like

Photo courtesy of

Lanie's first post

Hi I'm new, my name is Lanie.  (Diamond here, no, no I didn't technically get another doll "Lanie" is Isabelle with a wig on. A human wig.) Anyway, bye.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

pt 3

Amy/Lily: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daisy: Are you OK Amy?
Amy/Lily: Yes. I just had the craziest dream, my name was Lily, and I was your sister!
Daisy: But I do have a sister named Lily.
Amy/Lily:Oh yes heh heh and my crazy dream was that I was her heh heh. Crazy right?

Daisy: Yeah, let's get back to sleep.
Amy/Lily: Good night ma'am.

Daisy: Good night.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Awards & Updates

Updates: 1 month blogiversary

1 follower (me)

843 pageviews

1 award(this one)


I was nominated by Happy House of AG.  You should really check out her blog if you haven't.

The Beachy Blogger Award, originally created by

What is your favorite movie?
Aubrey: Equestria girls
Kenna: Mckenna shoots for the stars
Julie: Frozen
Saige: Saige paints the sky
Izzy: Kit Kittredge an american girl(that will change once I see my own movie)
Ivy: Samantha an american girl holiday
Who is your best online friend?
Diamond: I don't have any online-only friends.
Do you ever plan on starting another blog?
Aubrey: no, we all post on this one
Have you ever made an award?
Are you a cat or dog person?
Aubrey: Dog
Kenna:  Dog
Julie: Do bunnies count?
Saige: Dog
Izzy: Cat
Ivy: Cat
What do you want to do as a career?(It’s OK if you haven’t figured that out yet)
Aubrey: fashion designer or make-up artist
Kenna: A gymnast
Julie: Author(About the 1970's)
Saige: Artist
Izzy: Dancer
Ivy: I don't know
What is your dream doll?
Diamond: other than the ones, I have #55(Victoria)
If you could re-name your blog, what would its name be, or would you re-name it?
Diamond: American Girl Doll World
Do you go to school or are you home-schooled?
Aubrey: Us dolls aren't allowed at public school.
If you had a $300 gift card to AG, what would you buy?
Diamond: Look HERE

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10 Questions
Have you ever been nominated for an award?
How long have you liked AG?
How did you find my blog?
What doll do you want next?
If you could time travel, where would you go?
Are you exited for be forever?
How often do you change your blog design?
Have you ever made a stopmotion?
What is your favorite AG item?
Do you like your blog?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

pt 2

 Queen Rose:Lily, is that you?
Amy:My name is Amy, and who's Lily?
Queen Rose:Lily is my daughter, who is turning 14 tomorrow.
Amy:I'm turning 14 tomorrow too!
 Queen Rose: You are her! But you can't tell anyone, especially not Daisy.
Amy:But I'm Daisy's servant!
Queen Rose: Yes, now tell her her sister's name is Lily, and she's turning 14 tomorrow.

In the cottage

Amy/Lily: I'm back ma'am!
Daisy:Hi Amy, So what did you find out?
Amy/Lily: Um, your sister's name is Lily, and she's turning 14 tomorrow.
Daisy:She's only a year older than me! Cool!


Amy/Lily: Good night ma'am.

Daisy: Good night.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

pt 1

Queen Rose - Aubrey
Daisy - Saige
Amy - Isabelle
Queen Rose: Daisy you must go, the castle is being invaded
Daisy: Mom, I don't want to go, you're the only family I have left
Queen Rose: Daisy you have a sister!
Daisy: What!!!
Queen Rose: She's closer than you think. Now go!!

The next morning, in a cottage
Daisy: Servant Amelia come in here!
Amy: Yes ma'am.
Daisy: Would you sleep on the floor? I'm lonely.
Amy: Yes ma'am.
Amy: Are you hungry ma'am.
Amy: Ma'am?
Daisy: Sorry, What?
Amy: What are you so spaced out about ma'am?
Daisy: My mom, the Queen just told me that I have a sister, and that she's closer than I think. What do you think that means? 
Amy: I don't know ma'am.
Daisy: Would you help me find her?
Amy: I'll go talk to the Queen ma'am.

we pack for cdd

"Girls, get in here we need to sort through this mess!" Aubrey said.
"ughhhh!!!"  I said.

And I was the only one packing 

hours of packing later


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

does anyone's Isabelle have a string from her hair????????

mine does

what to do about it. hmm

the your blog makes me happy award

 Rules: nominate 2 people

ask 9 questions 

I nominate  AGDTime and happyhouseofag

my questions

  1. bitty twins or bitty baby?
  2. photo stories or stopmotion?
  3. hamburgers or hot dogs?
  4. will you like beforever?
  5. winter or summer?
  6. Felicity or Saige?
  7. AG online or AGP?
  8. Our generation or Journey girls?
  9. Basilmentos or Girl of the year studios?

more updates

happyhouseofag your not the only one starting CDD late, we just barely packed last night
a post about that should be up soon

you can ask questions about us until July 15, if you ask a question too personal we won't answer

AFA will be late

SPR won't be up until AG gets new stuff

 we have 0 followers

agdtime and loren have commented twice and put us on their blogs

we have 416 pageviews

P.S. my siggy changes for seasons

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

kenna's first post

hi i'm kenna i haven't posted much because i've been practicing for a big gym meet and my sisters were not letting me on

 no one asked any Questions for  Izzy's Q&A

you can still ask the deadline is july 15


UPDATE: 388 pageviews

we  have 0 followers
agdtime and loren have commented and put us on their blogs
we have 374 pageviews

Monday, July 7, 2014

craft- squish fits


cereal box
colored pencil
doll shoes
packaging tape
trace the shoe onto the box
cut it out
glue to paper
cut off excess
think of a cute name like squish fit
write it on there
cover with packaging tape
trim off excess

Friday, July 4, 2014

Beautiful braiding

Happy 4th of July!

First up: Me!
The fishtail braid

Saige's turn
Rope braid (btw, saige went with the purple highlights)

regular braid
French braid

New siggys