Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meet Saige and Mckenna

Full name: Mckenna Brooke
Age: 11
Birthday: 7-29
BFF: Saige
Type of doll: GOTY 2012
Doll(s) i own: Nellie
Dream doll: Emily
Candy: smarties
Color: teal
Food: meatloaf
TV show: good luck charlie
Movie: Mckenna shoots for the stars
Singer: Taylor swift
Book: Brave Emily
Sport: gymnastics
My Little Pony: Twilight
Cereal: krave
Hobby: reading
Full name: Saige Ella Copeland
Age 11
Birthday 10-9
BFF Mckenna
Type of doll GOTY 2013
Doll(s) i own: Rebecca
Dream doll: Saige
Candy: whoppers
Color: Rainbow
Food: Pizza
TV show: dog with a blog
Movie: Saige
Singer: Taylor swift
Book: Meet Rebecca
Sport: horseback riding
My Little Pony: Applejack
Cereal: cheerios
Hobby: art

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