Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meet Julie and Ivy

Full name: Julie Marie Albright
Age: 11
Birthday: 5-1
BFF: Ivy
Type of doll: Historical
Doll(s) i own: Caroline
Dream doll: Julie
Candy: m&ms
Color: red
Food: soup
TV show: ant farm
Movie: frozen
Singer: Carrie Underwood
Book: Meet Caroline
Sport: basketball
My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie
Cereal: froot loops
Hobby: jewelry
Full name: Ivy Leah Ling
Age: 12
Birthday 2-28
BFF: Julie
Type of doll: Historical friend
Doll(s) i own: Samantha
Dream doll: Ivy
Candy: skittles
Color: purple
Food: Spaghetti
TV show: shake it up
Movie: Samantha
Singer: Taylor swift
Book: Meet Samantha
Sport: gymnastics
My Little Pony: Rainbow dash
Cereal: apple jacks
Hobby: dolls

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