Thursday, July 10, 2014

pt 1

Queen Rose - Aubrey
Daisy - Saige
Amy - Isabelle
Queen Rose: Daisy you must go, the castle is being invaded
Daisy: Mom, I don't want to go, you're the only family I have left
Queen Rose: Daisy you have a sister!
Daisy: What!!!
Queen Rose: She's closer than you think. Now go!!

The next morning, in a cottage
Daisy: Servant Amelia come in here!
Amy: Yes ma'am.
Daisy: Would you sleep on the floor? I'm lonely.
Amy: Yes ma'am.
Amy: Are you hungry ma'am.
Amy: Ma'am?
Daisy: Sorry, What?
Amy: What are you so spaced out about ma'am?
Daisy: My mom, the Queen just told me that I have a sister, and that she's closer than I think. What do you think that means? 
Amy: I don't know ma'am.
Daisy: Would you help me find her?
Amy: I'll go talk to the Queen ma'am.


  1. :O I need to know what happens next! I think that Amy is Daisy's sister!

  2. you're right! if you think that's a cliffhanger wait til' pt 4!